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Raizer® by Liftup

Ergonomic Benefits

Raizer is a state-of-the art lifting chair. It is used by personnel in all facets of elder-care facilities, hospitals, ambulance services, and others working with individuals with reduced mobility. The Raizer is also utilized in many hotels and recreational facilities for safe patient handling and client care. An assistant can easily use the Raiser to lift an individual off the floor with minimal physical effort. The Raizer thus protects the aid-giver’s back and arms from any physical effects of moving another person.

Easy to Transport

The Raizer is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is easily transported and used anywhere and in any situation. This innovative aid for safe patient handling and lifting allows the assistant to help a fallen person to sit or stand in a matter of minutes.

Simple Handling

The Raizer is battery operated via a remote control. It’s so simple even a child can operate it!

Exclusive Design

The Razier by Liftup is an exclusive design that was developed to bring an easy lift chair to the market for those with mobility issues. All the component materials are carefully selected with focus on stability and durability with both the helper and the client in mind.





Safe Patient Handling

Injuries are unfortunately common for caregiving staff within the healthcare industry and are often caused by manually lifting and transferring patients or impaired persons. Liftup Inc. is proud to be a part of safe patient handling with the development of its lifting chair, the Raizer. The Razier has successfully helped to reduce these common workplace injuries.

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StairTrainer by Liftup (coming soon)

Ergonomic benefits

The StairTrainer from Liftup is used extensively by physiotherapists in rehabilitation clinics worldwide. Physiotherapists praise the high treatment success rate, safety standards, and ease of use of the StairTrainer. Few other rehabilitation aids enjoy this level of quality and treatment success rate. You can find out more about the StairTrainer and other products here and you can order it directly from Liftup.

Benefits of Safe Rehabilitation with StairTrainer

Research shows that rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible after an injury in order to maximize the injured person’s chances of a full recovery. We believe our StairTrainer is one of the best rehabilitation aids available. It is widely used for rehabilitation and ongoing physiotherapy for adults and children.

Specifics of the StairTrainer for Safe Patient Handling

  • The height of the stairs on the StairTrainer can be adjusted from 2.5 cm to 19 cm, which helps patients at all stages of rehabilitation to regain and improve their ability and confidence to use stairs.
  • The StairTrainer design incorporates safety features such as an all-round handrail and an emergency contact button. This makes it safer to use for both the patient and the physiotherapist.
  • The StairTrainer features a display which shows the current step height setting. This allows the patient to monitor his or her progress as the stair height increases and provides motivation to the patient to keep going!
  • The StairTrainer is equipped with wheels for transportation purposes, providing additional flexibility and mobility.

The StairTrainer is compact and can fit through doorways as narrow as 90 cm.


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