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Raizer Trolley

Raizer Trolley

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Client Care Equipment offers up this Trolley or hand cart for easy transport of Razier lifting chair instead of using the carrying bags.

  • Easy-to-use featuring a handle for pulling
  • Rolls freely
  • Features secure bar for standing up straight

This trolley makes moving the Razier lifting chair as easy as pie. Simply load the Razier lifting chair to this trolley, secure it, and pull. Ergonomic in design, this chair will protect your back as it eliminates the physical picking up of the Razier lifting chair. Smooth and efficient, this trolley enables you to transport the Razier lifting chair quickly. The trolley is big enough to stack other items on as well such as our Hygiene Covers. This trolley is lightweight and durable, able to withstand the hazards of transportation such as accidental bangings on furniture and corners. While saving your back, this trolley by Client Care Equipment also decreases your risk of injury since you won’t be tipping over, tripping while you’re carrying the Razier lifting chair in a bag, and you’ll have more energy since you won’t be doing as much lifting. The Trolley for Razier lifting chair is the smart move. Order yours today!

  • Compact size for easy portability
  • Made of strong, sturdy materials to hold up well to use