Raizer® (by LiftUp) is Now Available in Boise, Idaho at Client Care Eq – Client Care Equipment

Raizer® (by LiftUp) is Now Available in Boise, Idaho at Client Care Equipment

Raizer® (by LiftUp) is Now Available in Boise, Idaho at Client Care Equipment

Client Care Equipment in Boise, Idaho is excited to announce that they are a distributor of Raizer®, which is a LiftUp brand product. Consumers, healthcare organizations, and first responders can order directly online.

Client Care Equipment based in Boise, Idaho is now an authorized distributor of the revolutionary Raizer® by LiftUp. Raizer is an innovative floor lift for patients who have fallen that requires no heavy lifting and takes only a few minutes to set up. By partnering with LiftUp, Client Care Equipment is able to provide this patient lifting equipment to home caregivers, first responders, and healthcare organizations to increase the safety for patients and caregivers.

Seventeen percent of emergency medical service calls involve falls in the home or a healthcare facility, and it’s one of the leading calls for service for first responders. Four out of five falls don’t cause a serious injury, according to the CDC, but many times, patients and nursing homes have no choice but to call 911 for help getting back up due to the patient’s health condition. Healthcare workers and first responders have a high incidence of serious injuries due to lifting patients, despite training in safe patient handling.

Client Care Equipment is dedicated to becoming a solution to this serious health issue facing first responders, nurses, CNAs, and other healthcare workers. Raizer is a mechanical lift for patients that can be assembled in less than three minutes. It is lightweight, and can lift patients up to 330lbs, providing a solution that can securely and comfortably get patients into a safe sitting or standing position. This not only allows for Raizer to reduce injuries for both patient and caregiver, but also allows for lifting patients safely with minimal physical effort for everybody involved.

More than that, patients can save healthcare costs for minor, non-injury falls if they have a solution on the premises. Whether they live at home and invest in one for themselves, or reside in a nursing home or assisted living center, Raizer can reduce calls to 911. Caregivers find the Raizer beneficial because only one person is needed to safely lift a person from the floor to a sitting or standing position.

For more information, and to learn more about Raizer, visit https://clientcareeq.com.

Client Care Equipment is located in Boise, Idaho, and is the official distributor of Raizer products in Idaho. Client Care Equipment is also a distributor for StairTrainer by LiftUp. To schedule a demonstration, call 208-789-9075.