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Hip protectors are excellent at preventing hip fractures

Hip fractures are a common occurrence. Every year, hip fractures lead to more than 28,200 hospitalizations across certain countries. Moreover, out of the 300,000 residents who live in long-term care facilities, about 5-10% experience a hip fracture every year.

Hip fractures are a fairly serious injury that requires medical attention. Hip fractures dramatically reduce the quality of life and they also have a mortality rate of about 20% for a year. The annual cost of long-term care for an individual with a hip fracture is a massive $34,000 for the first year. Overall, hip fractures cost tax payers $650 million every year and this figure is expected to shoot up to $2.4 billion by 2041.

The only way to battle hip fractures is by preventing them from taking place. This includes preventing and treating osteoporosis, preventing falls and making use of hip protectors.

What is a hip protector?

A hip protector is a special garment/undergarment which has pockets on both sides. Protective pads (soft or hard-shelled) are inserted into these pockets to protect the hip from injuries. During a fall, these protective pads absorb and disperse the force of the fall away from the hips.

Are hip protectors effective at preventing hip fractures?

Yes, hip protectors are quite effective at preventing hip fractures. The CADTH (Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health) states that hip protectors can prevent hip fractures, especially when used by residents of long-term care facilities.

Hip protectors are designed to bear strikes of up to 50kg on the hip bone. This means that a hip protector can effectively prevent partial fractures. And, they can be worn all the time, which makes them even more effective at preventing fractures.

Moreover, the cost of a hip protector is far, far lesser than the cost of treatment for a hip fracture. Given their cost effectiveness and clinical effectiveness, hip protectors are one of the best preventive measures for hip fracture.

Who should use a hip protector?

Hip protectors should be used by individuals who face a high risk of hip fracture. This mostly includes elderly people who reside in long-term care facilities, but also includes the following:

  • People who are anxious or tense most of the time
  • People who are lazy and don’t exercise often
  • People who feel dizzy and feeble all the time
  • People who take drugs to reduce hypertension or to facilitate sleep
  • People who have difficulty in seeing or hearing

How to use a hip protector?

Using a hip protector is fairly straightforward. You can wear it over or under your garments and leave it on when you’re up and about. Hip protectors are lightweight, comfortable and made of breathable foam material. You should have no issues wearing them for extended periods. And, you can even wash your hip protector when you’re not using it.

People living in rehabilitation centers and long-term care facilities often use hip protectors all of the time. Others use it when doing housework or when indulging in leisurely activities such as walking, cycling or hiking.

You must remember that the effectiveness of a hip protector depends on the consistency with which you wear it.

How to choose a hip protector?

To find the right hip protector, you must measure the widest part of your hip and then choose a hip protector accordingly.

Hip protectors are commonly available in the following sizes across Canada:

  • Small: 29-34 inches
  • Medium: 34-38 inches
  • Large: 38-42 inches
  • X Large: 42-50 inches
  • XX Large: 50-56 inches

If you are confused about which size to get, you should make a choice depending on your thigh size. Choose a smaller size if you have thin thighs, else go with the larger ones.


Hip protectors are special padded garments which are designed to prevent hip fractures. They contain protective pads which absorb the shock from a fall and disperse it away from the hip bone, thus preventing a fracture. They are used extensively across the US & Canada, especially amongst elderly individuals who reside in long-term care facilities.

Using a hip protector is very simple. You can wear it over or under your clothing as required and you can wear it for extended periods of time without any discomfort. However, the effectiveness of a hip protector depends on the consistency with which it is worn. Not using a hip protector regularly may reduce its effectiveness. Also, you need to ensure that you choose a hip protector of the right size for maximum effectiveness.

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